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Magazines Articles & Covers

VIP events and Red Carpets

Dinner with famous star

Exclusive Photoshoots

Filming participation

Beauty pageants

NY Times Square Advertising 

Fashion Weeks: Model & Designer

Personal Exibitions

Awarding Ceremonies

Publication in  Magazines

Fashion Magazines: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Instyle, Grazia, Marie Clair, Elle, L’Officiel, Elléments, STYLÉ CRUZE, etc.


Fitness magazines: Women’s Fitness, Retreat, Muscle & Fitness, etc.


Business Magazines: Forbes, GQ, Time, Esquire, etc.

Online Articles
in Magazines

Online Articles: Elle, Vogue, Harpers Baazar, Marie Claire, Glamour, L'officiel, etc.

Red Carpet&
Events Invitations

Red carpet & VIP Events: Red carpet events invitations: Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1, amfAR, Oscar, Met Gala,Burning Man, etc.

Fashion Runway Show

Services for designers and models: NYFW, LAFW, Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week.


Elevate your visibility and impact with our Exclusive Photo Shoot service, ensuring you stand out in a competitive market by creating compelling visual stories that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Music & Advertising
Video Production

Transform your message into a captivating symphony of visuals and sound with our expert Music & Advertising Video Production services, designed to resonate with your audience.

Product Placement in Films

With our expert guidance, ensure your products take the spotlight on the big screen, forging memorable connections with viewers and boosting brand recognition.


GLAMOUR Women of the Year


Choice of the Year

Grand Prize Universe

Man of the Year


Your personal brand or product on world famous locations on billboards, city lights, advertising on subway and busses. Make your brand shine like never before.

Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant: Ms Universe, Mrs/Ms International, Mrs. Transcontinental, Miss European Universe, Women of the Universe, Ms. Globe, etc.

Exotic Photoshoot

Embrace the extraordinary with our Exotic Photoshoots, where breathtaking locations and expert photography come together to create unforgettable visual experiences.


Man’s magazines: Playboy, Maxim, FHM

Take a center stage on one of the most iconic men's magazine covers in the world, making headlines and leaving a lasting impression.

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