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Champagne Tour, France

Experience the allure of Champagne like never before as you immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of vineyards and uncover the secrets of this sparkling elixir.

Your journey will take you through the charming city of Epernay, the very heart of champagne production, where you'll have the chance to explore some of the world's most renowned champagne houses. Venture deep into the labyrinthine cellars to taste a variety of cuvées.

Stroll down the legendary Avenue de Champagne, the most expensive street globally, where the cellars stretch for over 110 kilometers beneath the surface, adorned with stunning architecture from the Renaissance and Art Deco eras. In Reims, a city steeped in tradition as the coronation site for French kings, you'll visit the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Be captivated by the masterpieces of Marc Chagall in the stained glass windows, a testament to the cathedral's post-World War II restoration.

Meet local winemakers who craft exceptional and distinctive champagne, allowing you to sample and compare their creations to those from the illustrious champagne houses. Journey to the quaint village of Oville, listed in the TOP 100 villages of France and also recognized by UNESCO. Legend has it that Dom Pierre Pérignon resided here and developed the champagne production method. Ascend to the observation deck to revel in breathtaking vistas of the Marne River and the surrounding region.

Indulge in the finest French cuisine and savor specialties at the best restaurants, ensuring your taste buds are treated to an unforgettable culinary experience. Prices for this extraordinary journey start from 500 euros. Join us in the heart of Champagne for an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for this beloved sparkling wine. 

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