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Aligator Hunting

Location: Florida, USA

Price: from 2000 USD

Aligator Hunting Florida Private Land and public land gator hunts so we can hunt year-round and we are not confined only to the Florida gator hunting season. Both of our gator hunt packages are a real hunt experience, this is not a fenced in pond or lake, but rather out in the open wild. Neither are these gators “pre-caught”, and your customers would just pull them up and harvest them with a bang stick. They will get a couple treble hooks on fishing poles in the gator and wrestle their gator to the boat. Then they’ll harpoon the gator, and there will be a buoy on the end of it, which will help the gator stay afloat, in which case they’ll be able to harvest their gator. I’ll tell you more information on both packages. Public land, gator hunts This is an all inclusive package for 2 days/nights at our awesome lodge with first rate home cooked meals, all the equipment for your gator hunt and the tag included for a gator up to 10 ft! The only thing you will have to get is your Florida gator trappers permit online and that’s $51.50. It’s $4950 a hunter ($1750 a non hunter).

Here’s a quick recap of what we talked about.

  • Public Land Gator Hunting - Multi-Night Package

  • 1 person 2 days/2 nights ◦ Meals and lodging

  • All equipment and tag ◦ Bang stick only, no firearms allowed

  • Average size 8 to 10 feet.

  • $5000 per hunter ($1750 non-hunter)

  • Giant Trophy Fee: 10’-10’11”      $2000

  • Monster Trophy Fee: 11’-11’11”  $3000

  • Dinosaur Trophy Fee:  12’’ Plus $4000

Private land gator hunts are a same-day package. (We can add lodging and meals for an additional $200 per person per night.) we can do these hunts anytime throughout the year a lot of the times, we will do them during the day, unlike the public land, which is done at night generally. You have a better chance of getting a larger gator, and this one’s a little more laid-back, still very hands-on and very thrilling, and would be a great team building exercise.

Private land gator

  • 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter 

  • All equipment and tag

  • Up to 10’ Gator 

  • $6500 per hunter 

  • Trophy Fee: 10’ - 10’11”  is an additional $3000

  • 11’ - 11’11” is an additional $5000


After hunting the gator is yours so yes, we can have the meat processed for you guys. We can send it to taxidermy so mounts can be made, the hide can be tanned so you can have boots or purses or wallets or whatever you’d like made out of that. The sky’s the limit, if you can think it up, we can have it done. All of that is at an extra added expense, but we can facilitate it for our customer.


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