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Grand Canyon Air & Desert Shooting Experience Grand Canyon, USA

Location: Grand Canyon, USA

Price: from 9000 USD

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with our Grand Canyon VIP helicopter and outdoor shooting range experience combo. From the moment our driver picks you up in a luxurious vehicle from your doorstep, you'll feel the anticipation building.


As you board the helicopter, the roar of the rotors and the stunning panoramic views of the Hoover Dam, Bypass Bridge, and Black Canyon will take your breath away. Your knowledgeable pilot will provide an informative commentary, adding to the sense of wonder and excitement as you soar above and below 30 miles of the Grand Canyon. You'll feel the rush of adrenaline as you explore the colorful canyon walls, dating back from 250 to 550 million years and beyond, and experience the same exhilaration previously only shared by great birds of flight.


After your extended air tour, you'll arrive at the shooting range surrounded by stunning desert landscapes. The unique 'Desert Storm' atmosphere and military-style bunkers will transport you to another world. You'll feel excitement and anticipation as the guide introduces you to your weapons. You'll be able to choose from powerful firearms, including a Submachine gun, Machine Gun, Belt Fed Machine Gun, 9mm Glock, Exploding Target, and the legendary Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. As you fire each shot and feel the impact of the recoil, you'll experience a sense of power and control that few other activities can match. This experience is truly unforgettable, and we're confident that it will exceed your expectations in every way.


  • Hoover Dam

  • Bypass Bridge

  • Black Canyon

  • Grand Canyon West

  • Colorado River

  • Mojave Desert

  • Outdoor shooting range


  • 100% private experience, your party only

  • Luxury 90-minute helicopter flight with panoramic views of the Grand Canyon

  • Informative commentary and narration from the pilot during the tour

  • 90-minute thrilling guided outdoor shooting adventure

  • Stunning desert landscape surrounding the shooting range

  • Round-trip transportation in a luxury vehicle


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