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Luxury Nil Travel

Luxury Nil Travel, renowned as one of the "21 Best Cruises in the World" by National Geographic, brings you an exceptional journey on the Nile River aboard authentic dahabiyas. Our commitment is to provide passengers with the most original, delightful, and comprehensive Nile experience available. Unlike many motor-driven "false" dahabiyas, we stay true to the tradition of sailing.

Cruises commence every Monday, with pickup in Luxor on Monday morning (between 09:00-09:30), and conclude in Aswan on Saturday morning, just outside Aswan near the Aswan Bridge.

Prices and Differences Between Boats:

All our dahabiyas are meticulously crafted to offer the same style, comfort, and experience. The variation in pricing is attributed to room size, spaciousness of common areas (decks, salons, etc.), and the option to share the boat with other guests or privatize (charter) the dahabiya.


The prices below are PER ROOM based on double occupancy for the 5-night cruise.

ASSOUAN (37m x 6.5m)

  • Cabins (6) - 3,650 Euros

  • Panoramic Room (2) - 4,900 Euros Capacity: 16 passengers in Double Occupancy

EL NIL (45m x 7.5m)

  • Rooms (7) - 4,450 Euros

  • Panoramic Room (2) - 5,400 Euros Capacity: 20 passengers D/O

MALOUKA (52m x 7.5m)

  • Luxury Rooms (8) -  5,000 Euros

  • Panoramic Suites (2) - 7,100 Euros Capacity: 20 passengers D/O

MEROE (55m x 8.5m)

  • Luxury Rooms (8) - 5,200 Euros

  • Panoramic Suites (2) - 7,700 Euros Capacity: 20 passengers D/O

AGATHA (51m x 8.25m)

  • Luxury Rooms (8) - 5,550 Euros

  • Panoramic Suites (2) - 7,900 Euros Capacity: 20 passengers D/O

ADELAÏDE (57m x 8.5m)

  • Luxury Rooms (10) - 5,750 Euros

  • Panoramic Suites (2) - 8,250 Euros Capacity: 24 passengers D/O

ROMAN (60m x 8.5m)

  • Luxury Rooms (10) - 7,000 Euros

  • Panoramic Suites (2) - 9,500 Euros Capacity: 24 passengers D/O

INCLUDED within our Rates:

  • Transfer from your Luxor hotel (not the airport) to the boats (Esna)

  • Entrance fee to the 5 sites visited en route

  • Official Egyptian guide in the language requested by the traveling group

  • All meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the journey

  • Transfer from the boat to passengers’ (mainland) Aswan hotel


  • Beer, wine (white and red), and liquor (available for purchase)

  • Gratuity to the crew and guide at the end of the trip

  • Transfer from the boat to Aswan Airport

Discover the true essence of Nile exploration as you sail along the historic river in the lap of luxury. Choose from our range of dahabiyas to embark on an unforgettable journey that combines comfort, adventure, and cultural enrichment.

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